Agile Training to Fit Your Organisation

With the ability to deliver either face to face, or online, Gnos-tec’s training courses are the result of over 20 years’ experience working with cross-sector organisations, at all levels and at all scales. Covering both the ‘science’ and ‘art’ of agile, we use a wide range of highly interactive and experiential training methods.

Agile training can be combined with coaching and mentoring support for highly effective embedding of concepts and working practices.

Our approach incorporates well founded techniques with the very latest thinking on what makes for successful delivery in a virtual environment or on the ground, while providing highly pragmatic approaches, frameworks and tools to ensure participants leave with the competencies they need to deliver agile working practices.

Agile Training to Fit Your Organisation

Depending on the needs and wishes of your organisation, Gnos-tec can deliver existing training courses such as our 3 day ‘Team Agility’ course or develop further courses with the content tailored specifically to your organisation and business context.

Some examples of courses which can be delivered in an online or face to face format are:

  • Introduction to Agile
  • Embedding Agile
  • Applied Agile
  • Leading Agile Delivery
  • Transforming Strategy into Action

We develop, deliver, and embed innovative learning interventions that reflect the needs of our client organisations, and have trained literally thousands of practitioners around the world.

Online Training and Follow up Support

Developed from the needs of our global clients to access training and follow up support, this arm to our business has been in great demand this year, supporting both public and private sector clients during the Covid-19 crisis. 

Developing new and easily accessible ways of working and teaching, we have been able to support essential work in drug development, policing, and service delivery.

Again, all of our remote training interventions are available with follow-up support, either online or on the ground, to ensure that the learning is translated from the classroom to the realistic contextual environment.

Online Training and Follow up Support
Developing tailored training

Developing tailored training

All Gnos-Tec courses can be tailored for the specific needs of an organisation, or new courses can be developed for organisations based on established and tested tools and theory.

Typically, a tailored course would be developed in close consultation with an organisation over two stages:

  • Scoping and needs assessment
  • Training design and material development

During the scoping and needs assessment stage, Gnos-tec will look at and review an organisation’s current ways of working, objectives, challenges faced and specific skills needs. This will be conducted in consultation with key personnel. The findings will enable us to design a training course most appropriate to the needs of the participants and the organisation’s objectives and goals.

The findings from this stage will be used in the training design and material development to adapt existing and established Gnos-Tec training materials to the context of the organisation.

Please contact us to discuss tailored training options.